How To Choose A Photographer

You’re interested in booking a session, but with an abundance of local photographers, how do you choose a photographer? I recommend the following considerations to pick a photographer that best suits what you’re looking for. These include photography style, availability, packages and client experience.

Selecting a photographer based on style

Each photographer has a unique style such as bright and timeless, dark and moody or very colorful? Which are you most drawn to? This narrows down your list of photographers significantly. If you were to purchase a canvas to hang on the wall in your home, how would it look? This is a simple trick for selecting your favorite style. Often images from your session are used to decorate your home.

Will the photos match your style? Find a photographer that will make your dream images a reality.


Picking a photographer with availability

When do you want your session to be? Deadlines can affect availability of both you and your photographer. For example, senior pictures are due in the fall, to design and prepare the yearbook for printing. If you have a deadline coming up quick, ask you photographer what their timeline looks like. Expect there to be time between your session and the gallery delivery. Photos must be edited and added to a gallery before send off, so photos will not be received immediately.

Some seasons are more sought after for sessions, leaving less booking opportunities. In other words, book in advance! Months early isn’t too soon to schedule a photoshoot.

Selecting a photography package that matches both your wants and needs

How much are you willing to spend on your dream photos? Packages differ among photographers as well as the services offered. For example, my services include portraits with horses. Not all photographers are comfortable around horses or experienced photographing them, which makes finding an equine photographer important in their selection.

To clarify, it’s best to inquire about the options with a specific photographer. The number of images, locations and prices vary. Although a more expensive photographer may not be in your budget, consider if it’s worth it to pay more for a specific experience. Are you paying extra for a photographer who will help prepare you, has great communication and a fun client experience?


Finding the right client experience

The way you feel about your images is influenced by your experience was with a photographer. How do you learn about their experience? Well, the answer is pretty simple. First, visit the photographer’s about page to learn more about their personality.

Additionally, find behind the scenes photos and videos on their social media. This should give you a glimpse into their experience, which tells you a lot. Do they walk you through posing? Give outfit advice?Would you get along with them? Do they take the stress out of the experience?

Lastly, don’t forget to read through testimonials from past clients to see what words they use to describe the photographer and the experience they had. This information comes straight from past clients.

“So how do you choose a photographer?”

How to choose the perfect photographer for you is completely subjective. However, I suggest taking into account your aesthetic, availability, the packages offered and the unique experience the photographer brings to the session. If you think a photographer might be a good match for you, just reach out. I can’t stress it enough! After all, you won’t get answers to your questions unless you ask them. Photographers want to hear from you and are excited to start planning a session with you!

September 16, 2021

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