Branding Photo Myths You Need To Know

I’m debunking a few common misconceptions by sharing a few branding photo myths you need to know. Don’t let these hold you back from booking a photoshoot for your brand.

Myth 1: Branding photos are just for social media

Branding photos are perfect for sharing on social media! However, if this is the only way you’ve used them you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your brand. Other ideas include your website, blog, and printed materials to name a few.

Check out my blog post on marketing for small businesses with branding photos for more tips.

Myth 2: Only businesses with products need branding photos

Businesses without products can benefit from personal branding photos. These photoshoots focus on conveying your unique personality in images to help connect with customers/clients. For service-based businesses, this may include a look into your process, lifestyle images, and workspace. Showing your face is key in branding photos! You are what sets your brand apart from others!

What Are Personal Branding Photos?

Myth 3: Branding photos aren’t for small businesses

Branding photos are very beneficial for small businesses. They help build trust and consistency in messaging for your small business. Help your local community get to know what value you provide to them and see the faces behind the brand.

Still not sure if branding photos are right for you?

9 Reasons You Need Branding Photos

Myth 4: I need to get dressed up for branding photos

I believe that branding photos should be an accurate reflection of your business. If you don’t dress up in a suit for work, then don’t worry about doing this for photos. How will clients/customers see you dressed when you’re working? There’s nothing wrong with capturing your business as it would appear in the everyday. It will actually appear more trustworthy, consistent, and relatable.

How To Prepare For A Brand Photoshoot

Myth 5: I can choose any photographer in my area

Did you know that photographers specialize in different areas? More time goes into the planning process for branding photos. Brand photographers have experience working with brands and planning photoshoots that meet a brand’s marketing goals and specific needs. Additionally, not all photographers will have an aesthetic that matches your brand or appeal to your target audience. Some businesses may benefit for bright, clean images, while others look for moody, trendy images.

How To Choose A Brand Photographer

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September 20, 2022

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