The Benefits Of A Micro Wedding

Micro or intimate weddings have become a popular way to celebrate. The main draw is the smaller guest list. However, there are several other benefits. If you’re unsure what’s right for you, here are the main benefits of a micro wedding.

Micro weddings have a smaller guest list

A micro wedding is less than 50 guests with only your closest friends and family. With a smaller guest list, you’re able to visit with each of them on your wedding day. Instead of inviting everyone you know, invite the people that mean the most to you to share the day with. Plus, this will help you keep costs down.

A micro wedding luxury experience with a lower budget

With a larger wedding, you’re paying more for things like table settings, meals, and venue space. However, due to fewer guests at a micro wedding, you can still have a luxury experience, while keeping your costs down. You can focus on your desired details and spend money in the areas that you value most. For instance, photography, florals, and details.

Montana wedding venues for smaller weddings

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue for your Montana micro wedding, there are more options to choose from. A smaller wedding opens up opportunities for venues that have space for a limited number of people. Plus, a backyard wedding, ranch wedding or destination wedding is more feasible.

The experience of a traditional wedding on a smaller scale with a micro wedding

Micro weddings are NOT the same as an elopement. Although these weddings are smaller, you still have the experience of a traditional wedding day timeline.

You are not sacrificing every detail of the wedding day by having a smaller-scale wedding. For instance, your wedding photos will still include getting ready, bridal portraits, family formals, bride and groom images, the ceremony, and reception.

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January 13, 2023

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