Fall 2021 Horse Mini Photo Sessions

It’s hard to believe that my fall 2021 horse mini photo sessions are already over. I enjoyed getting to meet everyone who came. All of their horses too! 🙂

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite images below to share with you.

Equine photoshoot in the fall in Mount Vernon WA
Mount Vernon WA equine photographer
horse photographer in Mount Vernon WA
Equine pictures at North Centennial Trailhead
North Centennial trailhead fall photoshoot with horse
Fall mini photoshoot at North Centennial Trailhead in Mount Vernon, Washington
Stanwood, WA equine photographer
Horse pictures at park in Mount Vernon in the fall
Girl and her horse smiling for photoshoot
Horse photoshoot with long flowy dress
girl wearing long flowy dress for equine photoshoot
Equine photoshoot in Mount Vernon, WA

December 13, 2021

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