Preparing for Winter Photos with Your Horse

Taking the time to prep for photos ahead of time will help to take away unforeseen stress. You’re not only getting yourself ready, but your horse too. Let’s face it, things just don’t always go as planned. For instance, imagine that your horse rolls in mud right before your session. Now you’re scrambling to find brushes to clean the dirt off. Or maybe you’ve arrived at the photo location and realized that your warm jacket is sitting on your bed at home and it’s the middle of winter. To keep these occurrences at a minimum and to keep you from turning into an icicle, there are a few steps you can take to plan. This list should help prepare you for winter photos with your horse.

1. Give your horse a bath the day before your photoshoot

To keep your horse looking it’s best for photos, I recommend a bath the day before your session is scheduled. That way your horse’s coat will be clean and shiny.

2. Keep a blanket on your horse after its bath

You’ve just taken the time to clean your horse, but you horse may have other plans.

Rolling in that mud sure looks nice!

Save yourself time and energy. Keep a blanket on your horse after its bath. Worry less about your horse getting dirty in the winter mud by anticipating this.

3. Clean your halter or bridle

The day or two before your photoshoot shine up your halter or bridle so it’s photo ready. Leather cleaner is great for this! I also suggest selecting a halter or bridle that’s neutral in color. Brighter, bolder colors can distract from your horse and send the viewers eye straight to the color.

4. Exercise your horse earlier in the day

Consider exercising your horse earlier in the day. This will help your horse stay calmer and stand still for photos.

5. Brush your horse & clean its hooves just before the session starts

You won’t regret the last minute touch ups to your horse. Bring brushes with you. Also, consider hoof polish. Not long before your sessions starts do a quick brush of your horse and clean up the hooves.

Don’t forget to run a brush through the mane too!

Bonus tip: Change into your first outfit after you’ve cleaned up your horse. That way you can avoid some of the hair and dirt on your clothes in the images.

6. Bring hand and foot warmers

Winter sessions can be chilly. Stay comfortable and warm with hand warmers and foot warmers.

7. Give yourself more time to travel

It’s best to be safe and take it slower if necessary. In the winter months there’s a chance for ice. Give yourself extra time to travel with your horse so you’re not feeling rushed.

It’s even great to show up early for your session. Preparing your horse for photos usually takes longer than you would think.

8. Winter attire for your photos

There’s no need to freeze wearing summer outfits in the winter. Layer your clothing to keep warm up. Finish off your outfit with a neutral or pastel winter jacket, avoiding any with noticeable writing or logos. Accessorizing with scarves and hats can help with warmth too! If you need some inspiration, check out my blog to see some of my recent sessions.

December 15, 2021

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