How To Feel More Comfortable On Camera

Let’s be honest, it can be intimidating sitting in front of a camera. I think we all can relate to this. It’s time to say goodbye to the nerves and awkward forced smile. With your portrait session approaching, you want to feel and look confident for some amazing images. Here’s how to feel more comfortable on camera.

Choosing a photographer

It all starts with choosing the right photographer. Do a little research on photographers in your area on their websites and social media. It’s important to find a photo style you like, but you should also pay attention to things like the posing in their images and their personality. Is the posing relaxed and natural? Also, does your photographer’s personality seem like one that would get along with. If you think you would feel comfortable talking to them, then you will feel more comfortable on camera.

Flattering clothing

Choose clothing that flatters you. Instead of wearing something that is is too loose or tight, stick to clothing that has a good fit. Additionally, your photographer can help you choose outfits that will photograph well on camera. Ask your photographer if they have a style guide. Blog posts are another helpful resource for this. You can visit my blog for more outfit tips and inspiration.

The key here is to choose what you feel comfortable in! For example, do you feel awkward wearing a specific top? If so, choose another one. You will look and feel more relaxed instantly.

Relax your fingers and shoulders

When you feel awkward and uncomfortable your body language gets tense. During photoshoots, it’s common for people to hold tension in their shoulders and fingers. Remember to drop your shoulders and relax your fingers. Getting photos shouldn’t be a stressful experience, take a deep breathe.


Don’t feel obligated to smile for the whole photoshoot! Sometimes when we get in front of the camera we can forget to give our face a break. Your photographer should help you remember to do this, but keep it in mind. If you need to stop smiling to rest your cheeks, do it. Otherwise, you’ll likely transition into “a camera smile.” The goal for your photoshoot is to capture your authentic smile. When the nerves catch up to you, a fake smile is usually the result.


What can you expect for your portrait session?

Setting some time aside for planning ensures that you are prepared for your photoshoot. Ask your photographer ahead of time what the plan for the session is, what to bring and how to prepare. Many photographers will even share behind the scenes of sessions on social media that will give you a sneak peek into getting portraits that will give you a better idea of the process.

Don’t take it too seriously

The reality is that you are not going to love every photo from the session. That being said, you will still have many amazing images to choose from. Remember not to take your photos too seriously! Have some fun let your laughter out.


January 25, 2022

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