How to Choose a Photo Location

What type of location style do you want for your photos? Well, you might have a vision in mind for your photos, but how do you choose a photo location? Let’s make it as simple as possible for you. After booking with me I get a feel for the type of photos you want and can share a few of my favorite locations in the Bitterroot Valley & Missoula areas that match what you’re looking for. Here’s a good place to start.

Field locations

Fields are popular locations for portraits and it’s clear why. Tall grass creates a stunning backdrop for images! You can get this look anywhere from a local park to a private ranch.

Beach (river or lake)

We aren’t near the ocean, but we can still get you some beach images along the Bitterroot River or a local lake. If you’re set on some beach photos, let’s find a great spot!

School campus

A school campus is a perfect spot for senior pictures or grad photo sessions. Sometimes when you see something every day, you don’t notice all the great opportunities for photos. Schools typically have good spots for brick-building photos. Also, if you play a sport, the school’s field works well.

Downtown/urban locations

Downtown photoshoots can be a lot of fun and allow for a lot of variety in a little time. I will look for downtown areas with lighter-colored buildings to give you consistently bright images.

What makes a good location for photos?

When looking for a location, I want to find spots that will have soft lighting at the time of the photoshoot. Contrary to popular belief, the areas with bright sunlight shining on them are actually very harsh and create a lot of shadows in images. When I get to the location, I’ll look for spots that have the best lighting, so you look great in the photos. Additionally, I take photos in more open areas. I have a light and airy style, so locations that are heavily forested don’t work well with my style.

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October 27, 2022

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