Senior Pictures: Guys Ideas

Senior guys, this one is for you! You might not be excited thinking about getting senior pictures, but you’ll have more fun than you think. I have a few senior picture guys ideas to make your photoshoot great and customized to your unique personality! This is your chance to get photos that document your accomplishment and showcase your hobbies.

Senior pictures guys ideas for outfits

When choosing outfits for your senior pictures, plan to bring several outfits (casual and dressed-up options), so you’re not wearing the same thing in all of your photos. It’s important to avoid wearing clothing with logos or graphics because they can be distracting in images. Solid-colored or plaid-patterned clothing shows up best in photos. Also, lighter neutrals, navy blue, light blue maroon, greens, and burnt orange are all great color choices.

Pro tip: iron any wrinkle-prone clothing ahead of time and place it on a hanger so it’s camera ready.

Cap & gown photos

Phone photos are great for capturing your graduation day! On graduation day you likely won’t be followed around by a professional photographer. Getting cap & gown photos at your senior session allows you to still have high-quality images that can be used for graduation announcements.

Senior pictures guys ideas for personalizing your photos

One way to make your senior photos more fun is to personalize your photo shoot. Find props related to sports or hobbies. For example, instruments, pets, sports gear, a car, or a plane.

Finding a senior photo location that matches your style

What type of location are you interested in? Perhaps a downtown/urban setting, field, beach, mountain views, or school campus? Well, choosing a location that fits the look you have in mind is key in the process of personalizing your session. With my senior clients, I give specific location recommendations in the area based on the location style they prefer. I have plenty of suggestions in the Bitterroot Valley and Missoula areas!

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November 3, 2022

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