When to Get Senior Yearbook Pictures

When to get senior yearbook pictures will depend on three things. These are your high school’s yearbook deadline, the season you choose, and your chosen photographer’s availability. However, the most common time to get senior pictures is between the spring of your junior year to the fall of your senior year. The best part about senior pictures is that they aren’t the traditional yearbook photos in front of a solid colored backdrop, you get each year. During your senior year, you can pick your favorite image for the yearbook and customize the photoshoot to match your personality.

Senior yearbook picture deadlines

Each high school’s yearbook deadline will vary. Although, most are set for later in the fall, either in late October or early November. Check with your yearbook staff to see when yours is. Then plan your photo shoot at least 1 month before. I highly recommend planning it earlier if possible! This gives you enough time for images to be delivered and gives you flexibility if it needs to be rescheduled due to weather. Weather isn’t always predictable, so it’s important to factor this in!

Which season do you prefer?

Between the spring of your junior year to the fall of your senior year, you have options. Which season do you prefer? Think about the clothing and locations you have in mind. For example, sundresses and sandals are great for spring and summer sessions but may be chillier in the fall. Alternatively, if you love winter weather and outfits, plan photos earlier in the winter of your junior year.

See more of the benefits of each season and tips in my seasonal blog posts.

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Is a photographer available for your senior yearbook pictures?

Since seniors are all trying to get photos before yearbook deadlines, it can get busy for photographers. If there’s a photographer you like, reach out early to reserve a spot. If you wait too long, chances are their spots will all be full. Most photographers open up their spots at the beginning of the year. A pro tip is to book your photoshoot months in advance. Then, you’ll have a spot for sure. If you don’t know which photographer, check out my blog post on how to choose a senior photographer.

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January 17, 2023

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