Choosing the Perfect Wedding Getting Ready Space

You need to know these 4 tips for choosing the perfect wedding getting space, from the perspective of a Montana wedding photographer. These subtleties make wedding-getting-ready photos look instantly more amazing!

The perfect wedding getting space has plenty of natural light

Most wedding photographers use natural light. This simply means that sunlight is used for photos rather than studio lights. Getting ready spaces with large windows, provide gorgeous natural light! It sounds strange, but your photographer may opt to turn off any overhead lighting or lamps. This is due to the color that indoor lights cause on your face. In most cases, it’s an orange tone.

With large windows, your skin will look its best! Light is the most important thing when it comes to getting photos of you, not to mention that your makeup will look even better applied in natural light.

Lighter neutral walls are a must in getting ready spaces

This one might sound silly, but it can make the world of difference in your images! Colored walls will cast a glow on your face and can give photos an overall darker feel. The lighter neutral background will be your best friend on your wedding day if you’re looking for bright, timeless images. White and off-white walls make for wonderful backdrops!

Your wedding getting ready space should be big enough for your bridesmaids & anyone else helping you get ready

Everyone will be getting ready at the same time. Ensure that the space will be big enough for your group AND supplies. You won’t want to be bumping into each other while preparing for the day.

The perfect wedding getting ready space is on-site at your wedding venue

It is the best situation when your wedding venue has a getting ready space on-site. You won’t have to take extra time out of your day for travel and it lowers stress if things inevitably take longer than planned. Everyone in your bridal party will already be where they need to be.

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February 27, 2023

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