Senior Photos Tips From A Missoula Senior Photographer

We’re heading into the popular season for senior pictures. I have a few helpful tips to prepare for stress-free photos that you’re excited to share for #seniorsunday and submit to your yearbook! From my experience as a Missoula senior photographer, preparing for pictures is essential. There’s no need to worry! Set yourself up for a photo shoot where you look and feel your best using the tips below.

Wear outfits you feel comfortable & confident in

Your outfit choice can make or break your confidence in photos. It might sound odd. Think about how you feel wearing your favorite outfit. Don’t you feel more confident?
I tell my seniors to try on clothing ahead of time. It will give you time to decide if you’re comfortable with the outfit. I recommend avoiding anything too tight, loose, short, or long. A simple rule of thumb is to choose clothes you can move around in. You can expect to stand, sit, and walk during your senior photos.

Plan your outfits ahead of time

When planning your outfits keep in mind the time it takes to change. It always takes longer than expected! Keep in mind the suggested number of outfits your photographer gives you. It will help you get the most out of your photoshoot.
When seniors work with me, I give tips for the most flattering outfits and best colors on camera. I recommend at least one casual and a dressier outfit for plenty of variety, but sessions usually include more than two outfits.

Finding the Missoula senior photographer that’s right for you

Not every Missoula senior photographer will be right for you! I encourage you to pay attention to experience, style, and personality when deciding who’s right.
There are various photography styles to choose from. Which matches your vision for your images?

Picking the right season for your senior photos

I have several other posts on choosing outfits and the benefits of senior pictures in different seasons. It’s really up to you to decide which season you prefer. Although, you’ll need to remember your school’s yearbook deadline if you plan to submit a photo (usually in the fall). Choose any season you love for the outfits, locations, or schedule flexibility.

Choosing Missoula senior photo locations that fit the look you’re envisioning

It’s hard to imagine, but the location doesn’t matter as much as the light. If there is beautiful evening light for your photos, you’re all set for beautiful images!
Although, you should brainstorm the feel you want for photos. Are you interested in a downtown/urban, beach, field, or school campus location?

You don’t need to have a specific location in mind, just the type. Seniors working with me will get ideas specific to the style they’re envisioning.

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April 6, 2023

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