Winter Senior Pictures

Is winter your favorite time of the year? Maybe your style is cozy sweaters and snow. Then, winter senior pictures are perfect for you. Depending on your school’s yearbook deadline, these may not make it into the yearbook. However, there’s more to senior photos than a yearbook photo. Each season has its benefits for senior pictures. Although not guaranteed, senior photos in the snow can be beautiful! Even without snow, Montana doesn’t disappoint for winter senior pictures. If you haven’t considered it already, it’s time to give it another thought.

1. Winter senior pictures with layered outfits

I believe that feeling comfortable in the outfits you choose for pictures is key to feeling more confident and relaxed on camera. In the lower temperatures of the winter, layering will help you stay warm. Thicker socks, hats, scarves, tights, gloves, and jackets are great choices!

That being said, if you want photos without your coat, but it’s chilly, we can take warm-up breaks in between capturing images. We will continue to move locations and change poses during your photos, which should also help if you’re feeling cold!

When choosing a winter jacket try to avoid any logos or writing that could distract from your smiling face. Lighter neutral or pastel jackets that are on the dressier side are great for giving your images a more timeless look.

winter senior picture outfit ideas with sweaters and winter jacket

2. Schedule hair & makeup

A hair and makeup stylist will help you create a look that pops on camera. Often makeup looks different in person than on camera. Save yourself the stress of deciding what will photograph best and relax while you get ready for your session. Be sure to make this appointment earlier on to guarantee that there is availability on the date you book for portraits.

3. Winter senior pictures can be colder so you’ll want hand warmers

You might want to pick up some hand and foot warmers for your pockets and shoes. This is especially great on super chilly winter days!

4. Prepare ahead of time

Put your outfits and accessories together the day before your photoshoot. Check that you have everything you need and are ready for quick changes at your photoshoot.

Also, plan extra travel time. It’s important for photos at any time of the year, but especially with colder temperatures and on snow days.

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December 20, 2021

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