Prop Ideas For Senior Pictures

Let me start off by clarifying that props are not necessary for senior pictures. However, they provide another opportunity to incorporate personality into a photoshoot. I caution you to be thoughtful when choosing props for your photoshoot. I am a believer that when utilizing props in photos they should serve a purpose or complement the photos, not be the focus of them. A challenge faced when including props is that some run the risk of appearing too cheesy. They can also draw too much attention away from the senior. That’s why I don’t recommend props such as signs. Here are a few prop ideas for senior pictures.

Prop Idea 1: Graduation Cap

Depending on the time of year when you schedule your senior portraits, a graduation cap can be used in your photos. A cap is such a simple prop that can be paired with outfits that are both casual and dressy. It is also the perfect prop for a cap and gown photo session for graduation.

college senior wearing graduation cap and stole

Prop Idea 2: Flowers

Fresh flowers add a beautiful pop of color to images! Choose flowers after your outfits have been chosen. Then, the bouquet will coordinate with your outfit to appear as a finishing touch, rather than an afterthought.

Prop Idea 3: Instrument

Are you involved with the school band or just enjoy creating music in your free time? Hobbies definitely help bring your unique personality into a senior session. Plan ahead to include your instrument for some of the photos.

Prop Idea 4: Sports Equipment

A large amount of your time over the years has gone to practice your sport. Sports equipment highlights your involvement and dedication to your school’s team. That being said, I suggest leaving your uniform at home. The prop you use whether it’s a basketball, volleyball, goggles or football will suffice.

Prop Idea 5: A blanket

A neutral or pastel-colored blanket helps keep your clothing clean when sitting for photos. Plus, it can add color to your images.

Prop Idea 6: Balloons

There are a few routes you could take when it comes to choosing balloons for your senior portraits. It is important to take into account that it may be difficult with balloons. In a windy location like a beach, they likely won’t stay in place.

Balloon Ideas:

  1. Pastel colors that coordinate with your outfit
  2. School colors for your high school or college
  3. Foil numbered balloons with your graduation year

Prop Idea 7: School gear

Your current or future school gear can be used to show your accomplishments or future plans. This includes things like a baseball cap, a school pennant, or a t-shirt with the school’s logo.

Prop Idea 8: Your four-legged friend

While not technically a prop, your four-legged friend can also be part of your session. If you have a dog or horse that you cannot imagine doing photos without, bring them along. It’s so much fun to make them part of the photos! Just be sure to let your photographer know ahead of time.

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February 8, 2022

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