What To Wear For An Equine Photoshoot

The most common question I get asked before a portrait session is what to wear. It can be overwhelming to pick the perfect outfit, so where do you start? Use the following tips to guide your decision of what to wear for an equine photoshoot.

What does my portrait package include?

First, see how many outfits you can bring to the photoshoot. It takes longer than expected to change clothes. Usually, photographers will limit the number, keeping your session running smoothly and on time. If your photographer allows it, I recommend bringing 2-3 outfits for an hour session. This will give the most variety in the least amount of time. However, it will all depend on the length of your photoshoot.

Should I wear dressy or casual outfits for my equine photoshoot?

The answer is all of the above. One of the best ways to get diverse images in your image gallery is to mix up the type of outfit you are wearing throughout the time you are photographed. For example:

Outfit 1: Casual

Outfit 2: Dressed up

Outfit 3: Show or equestrian clothing (if applicable)

For women, a dressed-up outfit could be a long flowy dress, a sweater or, a blouse. Men could opt for a plain button-up shirt or flannel.

3 ideas for what to wear for an equine photoshoot with casual outfit, a western show outfit and a dress.

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Matching your outfit to the location

Throughout your session, there will be different locations. Show your photographer your outfits when you first arrive to decide which order makes the most sense and pops in the scenery.

Selecting outfits based on the season of your equine photoshoot

Wear clothes that match the season. It’s not worth feeling uncomfortable. This feeling will translate into the photos through your body language. Also, consider clothing colors that fit with the season. For instance, a pastel orange in the spring and burnt orange in the fall.

What colors should I wear for your equine photoshoot?

The colors that photograph best in images year-round are pastel colors, neutral colors, and earth tones. Bright neon colors have a strange appearance on camera, so they should be avoided. Similarly, clothing with logos or patterns is also distracting.

Furthermore, take into account the color of your horse when picking colors. A color that pops against your horse is better than blending in with your horse. In other words, I would advise against choosing a color that isn’t the same as your horse. For example, against dark horses, pastel colors show nicely.


Don’t be afraid to accessorize your photos. A necklace or earrings are a beautiful way addition. 

If you’re thinking of bringing your cowboy hat, do it! These are the perfect accessory for an equine photoshoot.

Choosing the right shoes for pictures with your horse

When around horses, it’s best to stick with close-toed shoes. You never know when you could be stepped on, it could be when you least expect it. There are plenty of shoe options. For example, cowboy boots, sneakers, riding boots, or casual booties.

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February 15, 2022

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