Halter or Bridle: Which Is Better For Photos?

When selecting tack for your horse, a frequently asked question is whether to choose a halter or bridle for photos. Although either is acceptable, a few factors can be considered to find the right one for your photoshoot.

Basing your halter or bridle choice on your clothing

What is your vision for the photos? For instance, relaxed casual images with your horse or show attire? Make this decision before choosing. Formal and show clothing always looks great with a bridle, whereas a t-shirt and jeans are perfect with a halter. You can bring one of each to your portrait session.

Additionally, pay attention to the color. If it isn’t neutral or doesn’t match the clothing colors you’ve chosen it will be distracting in images. Especially be aware of this when you have more than one horse. Keep the tack coloring consistent so your horses coordinate. It can be distracting to have each horse wearing a different color.

Woman standing with her two barrel racing horses wearing matching bridles
When you have more than one horse at a photo shoot, coordinating their tack will appear more cohesive.

Condition of tack

Second, when choosing pay attention to the condition and cleanliness of the tack. Is it in good shape? If your halter is falling apart and won’t come clean, opt for a bridle. This is also true if you don’t have a neutral lead rope.

You can’t go wrong with a leather halter or bridle! These look beautiful on any horse! However, give your leather tack a polish before photos to get it ready.

Halter or bridle: which is better for photos?

Don’t overthink it too much when making the decision between halter or bridle for photos. These tips are just meant to help guide your decision. The most important takeaways are that your tack is clean, in good condition, and coordinates with your outfit choices.

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September 27, 2022

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