Must-Haves For An Equine Photoshoot

From my experience photographing horses, I’ve learned that there are a few must-haves for an equine photoshoot to be stress-free.

A clean, neutral lead rope

It’s important to remember a clean lead rope for pictures. Often there is a misconception that “it will be edited out later.” While it may be possible, it’s time-consuming. Your photographer will thank you for bringing a clean, neutral-colored lead rope to your photoshoot.

For more tack recommendations, visit my blog post “choosing tack for your horse’s photoshoot.”

A brush for finishing touches

You never know when you’ll need to brush off some dirt. It’s best to keep a grooming brush for any finishing touches during the photo shoot.

Bug Spray

Ideally, you won’t need bug spray, but when you do, you do. I’ve had a few sessions where mosquitoes or flies won’t leave the horse or rider alone. You won’t regret packing bug spray, that’s for sure!

Shine your horse’s hooves

It’s all in the details. Clean and shiny hooves can make a difference in your images. Past clients have been surprised by how it changes the pictures.

You can grab some hoof shine at your local store.

Horse treats & a grain bucket are a must-have for an equine photoshoot

What horse doesn’t like treats? 

The best trick I have for getting a horse’s attention is shaking a grain bucket with treats. Most equestrians are looking for ears to be forward in images. Here’s the key to photos like this. 

Ask a horse-savvy friend to come along. They can hold your horse while you change outfits and shake the grain bucket behind the photographer. The presence of a friend will make you more comfortable during your photoshoot too. 

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May 3, 2022

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