Personal Branding Photos For Businesses With Products

Personal branding photos for businesses with products aren’t the same as product photos. While there may be product photos included in your photoshoot, the people in the business are the main focus. If you’re a small business owner selling products, there are a few ways that you can set your brand apart with personal branding photos.

Lifestyle images

Lifestyle images help to communicate who you are. What are your hobbies and interests? Although it might seem irrelevant for a business selling products, it’s just as important to connect with customers. Only posting about products and sales becomes boring quickly.

Think about the brands you follow on social media. How many of them only post images about their sales and products?

It’s likely that you aren’t very engaged with those brands, in contrast to the brands you feel connected to because of the people. For instance, you could find them funny, inspiring, motivational, quirky, etc.

Lifestyle image personal branding photos help customers connect with and relate to you.


It’s interesting to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes, day-to-day of a business. This could include images that showcase you working in an office, creating a product (if you make them yourself), the tools you use, packaging products for purchases, and more.

While these processes may seem monotonous to you, it’s interesting for your audience. They get to see what makes your business and the experience with it unique. Plus, it helps them feel more invested in the process to see the value in what you do.

Product in action

Personal branding photos for businesses with products can demonstrate a product in action. How can the product be used by customers? For example, let’s say you sell mugs. Lifestyle-type images where you appear to be using the mug in a cozy setting allow the customer to imagine themselves using the product. This would be different than a standard product photo with a white backdrop.

Flat lays

Flat lays are a fun way to add variety to your personal branding photos. Arranging your tools of the trade, objects that relate to your interests, or a product with items you’d pair with it.

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November 29, 2022

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