Planning a Photo-Friendly Wedding Day

Preparing for wedding detail photos ahead of time

Your wedding coverage will begin with detailed photos including rings, invitations, florals, etc. Getting these items together before your photographer arrives will keep your timeline on track. This means a relaxing getting-ready process with your bridesmaids.

When your photographer arrives, they will gather both the bride and groom’s details to start documenting your day. For a list of the specific wedding details and tips, check out my blog post “Preparing for Wedding Detail Photos.”

Communicating with your photographer ahead of time

Share any special moments you wish to have captured by your photographer, along with which immediate family members you want family photos with. For instance, images such as first looks or special ceremony traditions.

I check in ahead of time with my couples for a list of groupings for pictures. Having a list of names to call will help catch the attention of those needed rather than saying something like “grandparents of the bride” or “father of the groom.” You’ll be out celebrating on the dance floor with family and friends sooner!

Creating a timeline with time for photos

If you aren’t working with a planner, I suggest speaking with your photographer about your timeline. It takes time to get images throughout the day. You’ll set aside time for details photos, getting ready pictures, first looks, family formals, etc.

Timelines will vary for each wedding. However, I highly recommend planning a first look. This gives you more time for portraits together. You can learn more about the benefits of a first look here.

Trusting your photographer

Your photographer will be on the lookout for the best spots for photos and moments to capture. A spot with beautiful lighting that’s tucked away from the crowds, might be different than you envisioned, but will be worth it. Trust your photographer’s eye on your wedding day. A photographer’s goal is to get you a gallery full of beautiful images!

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