What To Do With Your Senior Photos

First of all, congrats on the accomplishment of your upcoming graduation from high school! 🥳 It’s an exciting time to celebrate what you have done and look forward to the next chapter in your life. There’s plenty to be done with your senior images, whether you’re debating booking a session or just received your photo gallery. Some often make the mistake of thinking there’s only one purpose for these photos. My goal is to show you what to do with senior photos other than just for yearbook pictures.

#1 Yearbook Photos

Senior portraits allow you to personalize your yearbook photo. Your high school will have a mandatory picture day where everyone stands in the same pose, in front of the same background. This isn’t exciting!

With a senior portrait session, your photo experience is fun and a better expression of your personality. These are planned with your unique outfit, location, and prop choices. That’s not even the best part! Instead of just one photo, you get a whole gallery. No need for school picture retakes. In other words, just pick a photo you feel confident about and look amazing in!

Does your school have a fun tradition when it comes to senior photos? At my high school, senior picture day wasn’t just another picture day. Seniors could be as creative and silly as they wanted to be, gathering unusual outfits and props.

There was no worry that these would end up in the yearbook. Senior portraits were submitted to the yearbook staff, while the mandatory picture day images only appeared on school id cards to get into events like sports and dances.

#2 Grad Announcements

You’re not the only one excited about your upcoming graduation. Family and friends look forward to hearing about your accomplishments and future plans. It’s a wonderful way to update those you don’t see often. Typically grad announcements will include information such as the grad’s name, graduation year, and high school. The college the senior will be attending next year is often included as well. Additionally, they commonly double as a graduation party invite.

#3 Grad Party Invites

A graduation party gives you something extra to look forward to as you begin those late-night study sessions for finals. When designing your graduation party invites, customize them with images from your photoshoot. Trust me, your family will be thrilled to see your face on the invite as opposed to just the details!

#4 Social Media

We can’t forget social media! Once you receive your photographer’s gallery, consider updating your profile picture and sharing some of your favorites with your friend and family.

#5 Prints & Gifts

Senior pictures can make great additions to gallery walls in your home. Prints and canvases can add a touch of personalization to your decor, and carry more sentimental value. After all, you only graduate from high school once in your life! Be proud of your accomplishment!

Prints, canvases, and other items make great gift ideas for family members. If your photographer gives you the option to snap a couple of photos with your parent at the session, this could make a great gift when printed later on when you’re trying to decide on a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas gift.

A bonus tip would be to check with your photographer to see if they offer an option to purchase prints straight through their store. It’s more convenient because there’s no need to upload it to another printing service and you get high-quality prints. For instance, my clients can print their favorites directly from their gallery through a quality printing lab in various formats.

#6 Album

Create a photo album to document your favorite memories. First, add photos of friends and family that you have saved on your phone. Next, include images of your involvement in activities and hobbies. For example, games for sports and club events. Finally, finish off your album with your favorite senior portraits. You now have a book full of images reminding you of some good times. This can also be used as an accent piece for your coffee table or bookshelf when not viewing it.


Hopefully, by now you’re no longer questioning what to do with your senior photos. I suggest using your images for yearbook photos, graduation announcements, graduation party invites, prints/canvases, an album, gifts, and on social media. I wish you the best in your final year of high school!

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August 25, 2021


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