Why Should I Print My Favorite Photos?

You open your inbox to discover that your images are ready. As you scroll through the gallery, you couldn’t be happier.

You have to share your favorites on social media, so your family and friends can see them.

Your photos have been downloaded and stored in a folder on your computer.

You will find something to do with them later when you have more time.

But what if you printed your favorites right after a photoshoot instead of waiting? The process can be simple.

Why should I print my favorite photos?

Professionally printing your images allows you to enjoy them daily. Framed prints and canvases are popular options, and there’s no question why. These add a personal touch to the decor in your home. A gallery wall can feels custom with professional images unique to your home.

Senior and family pictures are also giftable to parents and grandparents! Just frame your favorite photo and grab some wrapping paper.

Keep this in mind when printing images.

Let me save you time and hassle. The color accuracy and quality of prints will vary across printing labs. For example, some photos will look more green or blue than they should.

Additionally, if you’re designing a gallery wall, I suggest pairing close and farther away images. It will add more interest to your wall.

How do I print my images?

For convenience, my clients can order prints directly from their galleries. The printing lab is great quality. Plus, you don’t have to upload them to another printing lab or leave your home. They will be delivered to you. If you have any questions throughout the process, I’m happy to help.

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May 10, 2022

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