6 Photo Gift Ideas

Look no further for your next gift to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or Christmas. If you’re anything like me, it can be difficult to find the perfect and unique gift. For your next gift consider using images from your portrait session. These are bound to bring out smiles and are personalized. I’ve put together a list of 6 photo gift ideas to draw inspiration.

1. Photo Mugs

All you need to do is upload your favorite image(s) and choose your mug color and size. Then, you will have created a custom mug. It’s that easy! I like to add an extra gift inside the mug. My favorite is to include all the mixing supplies needed for a yummy cup of hot cocoa. You can vary this up, but a few ideas are hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy canes, and caramels. Although, you could substitute the cocoa mix for a bag of coffee beans or tea depending on the preferences of the person.

2. Canvases

Unique and distinct wall art is a thoughtful gift, perfect for family portraits! Choose from the various printing and sizing options for canvas prints. For example, you can pick a wrapped canvas or one with a solid neutral color along the edges. Don’t forget to print canvases with high-resolution images for maximum clarity, especially when they are on a large scale. Otherwise, you run the risk of blurred images. Additionally, be aware that printing labs may vary in color accuracy and quality.

4. Photo Books

Often we keep our images digitally on a phone or laptop. However, compiling them in a photo book allows for easy access to the memories. Additionally, these books can also serve as home decor. These are wonderful for any portrait session including senior portraits and family pictures.

3. Framed Prints

After selecting your favorite image, gift print either framed or unframed. However, when hunting for a frame to put it in, determine if you would like matting around the image. This will influence the frame size you purchase. For instance, if you order an 8×10 image, you will need a larger frame size to accommodate the matting. Do a quick search online to find your desired frame keeping this in mind.

5. Puzzles

I think we all know someone who loves puzzles! Gift a unique puzzle using a portrait image. When ordering puzzles, you have the flexibility to choose the shape and number of pieces, which will alter the difficulty.

6. Christmas Ornaments

There are a variety of custom ornament options available for ordering. If you get photos done each year, this could be a fun way to remember each year, by adding to your collection and seeing them all displayed on your tree. What a great gift idea for a family member who was part of the session!

Bonus Idea: A Photoshoot

Check with a local photographer about purchasing a photoshoot for a family member or friend.

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November 5, 2021

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