13 Reasons To Get Pictures With Your Horse

“Should I get pictures with my horse?”

The answer is YES! My favorite part about photos with horses is capturing the relationship between someone and their equine best friend. The bond shared is clear in photographs. Even though I guide clients through posing with horses, you can’t stage that. These keepsake images can be held onto for years to come and document the memory of your horse.

Plus, what horse lover doesn’t want to spend some extra time with their horse? Past clients who were hesitant to get photos, later had no regrets. Photos don’t have to feel awkward and uncomfortable. They can actually be a fun experience!

If you’re considering getting photos with your horse, know that there isn’t just one reason to plan them. There are a variety of reasons, that allow you to meet your vision of the perfect photoshoot. Get a few ideas below.

Top Reasons To Get Photos With Horse

  1. Keepsake images
  2. Senior Pictures
  3. Your horse’s retirement
  4. The memory of your first horse
  5. High-quality professional images of your horse
  6. Wall art
  7. Family Pictures
  8. Maternity photos (for you or your horse)
  9. To celebrate an accomplishment
  10. Engagement photos
  11. Holiday photos
  12. Branding photos for your equine business
  13. To plan your dream photoshoot

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July 19, 2022

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