Should I Get Senior Pictures In College?

Yes! You should definitely get senior pictures in college. However, if you’re still on the fence, here are a few reasons to consider.

#1 Senior photos to celebrate your accomplishment

You are about to earn your degree! This is quite an accomplishment. After long frenzied study sessions cramming for finals and great memories with friends, you are off to start your career. But first, wrap up your college experience by celebrating your accomplishments with senior photos.

#2 Updated headshots

If you’re looking for a more practical reason to justify booking a senior session, think about the last time you had headshots taken. For most university grads, the most recent professional-quality photos they have are from their senior year in high school. It’s time to get updated headshots to display on your LinkedIn profile.

#3 Pictures for grad announcements

At the end of your time on campus, sending grad announcements to family and friends will inform them of your graduation and future plans. Including images from your senior session is a fun way to personalize a generic card.

#4 Cap & gown photos

On graduation day, your achievements will be documented with a phone camera. While these are an awesome way to capture your important day, these are not the same quality as professional photographs. In other words, when printing them there is a large difference in quality. They will not appear as clearly as high-resolution images.

If you choose to bring your cap and gown for senior photos, you have the opportunity to get clear, high-quality images to remember your time on campus. Then, on graduation day you can take photos on your phone.

See a college senior session here

#5 Photos with your besties

Throughout your time on campus, you’ve surely met some great friends and made fun memories. Plan to bring your besties along and get photos with them too.

#6 Give senior photos to your parents

You’re not the only one interested in seeing updated images. Parents love to see your college senior photos too! Printing copies to give them is a great gift idea.

#7 Remember campus & where you lived for college

Over the last few years, this has been your home away from home. Before you leave, this is your chance to get some photos to remember when you want to take a walk down memory lane.

#8 Photos to share with friends & family on social media

You will already be sharing images on social media, so why not post your new photos?

#9 Sports you played while in college

Talk to your photographer about bringing props to show off the sport you played in college.

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January 4, 2022

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