How To Prepare For A Brand Photoshoot

This guide will provide you with simple, actionable steps to prepare for a brand photoshoot. You will go into your personal brand or small business photoshoot with a clear vision and goals.

What goals do you have for your brand photoshoot?

Before contacting a photographer in your area, decide on the goal for your photoshoot. Are you looking to update images for your website, source images for an upcoming promotion, or a more content to post on your social media feed? 

See “9 Reasons You Need Branding Photos” for common uses of brand photos

Find a photographer in your area who specializes in photographing brands

Pick a photographer with an aesthetic that matches your brand. Styles vary among photographers. Some have light and airy photos, while others are dark and moody. Additionally, not all photographers specialize in photographing brands.

Communicate with your photographer 

Tell your photographer what the goals of the photoshoot are and where you will be using the images. This will influence how the photographer captures the images.

Examples include:

  • Banner image for home page of website
  • social media posts
  • an advertisement for a product or service
  • email newsletter
  • blog posts

Create a mood board for inspiration

While your photographer won’t copy an image exactly, a mood board is a great source of inspiration. It helps to communicate the types of photographs you’re looking for. My favorite way to do this is through Pinterest. It’s so easy to create a board and share it with others!

Will you need models for your photoshoot?

Depending on the type of service you offer, models might be necessary to showcase your products. For example, it would be necessary for a boutique to have models wear outfits. Similarly, a hairstylist might include images of the styling or coloring process with a model in the chair, so clients know what to expect.

Finding a location for your brand photoshoot

There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing a location. First, is there plenty of natural lighting coming in through windows? Unfortunately, not all spaces have great lighting for photos. Secondly, does the location match your brand’s aesthetic?

Depending on your personal brand/business, not all locations will be a great fit. However, here are a few general location ideas for your brand photoshoot:

  • Business location/office
  • A local park
  • Airbnb or VRBO rental
  • Coffee shop

How to prepare for a brand photoshoot in your workspace

For workspace locations, it’s important to clean up the space before your photoshoot starts. This includes minimizing the number of decorations that may cause distractions. After you’ve cleaned up fresh flowers are also a nice touch to add a pop of color to the room.

Booking a hair and makeup stylist for your photos

I highly recommend reaching out to a hair and makeup stylist for your photos early on. Then, you can reserve the date with them too. These professional stylists know how to help you look your best on camera.

Prepare for your brand photoshoot with variety in mind

Go into your brand photoshoot with the plan to get as much variety as possible. For example, bring several outfit options, props and accessories.

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