What Are Personal Branding Photos?

“What are personal branding photos?” The goal is to create unique imagery focused on the people behind a brand. Personal branding photos are perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, creatives, and bloggers. Clients will see your face, process, workspace, tools, and personality as opposed to generic stock images. This helps build trust and creates consistency across marketing platforms.

What makes personal branding photos unique?

The simple answer is you. Personal branding photoshoots are planned around a specific brand. This includes props, outfits, and locations. Each brand has a different message. Start by brainstorming what words describe your brand. For instance, is your brand classic, modern, whimsical, sophisticated, or energetic? These are just a few examples.

Connecting with customers/clients

When clients can see your process and relate to you, it helps build trust. They get to know the person behind the business and can more easily recognize a brand. If you are in your brand’s photos, it’s going to set you apart from competitors using stock images.

The benefits

Did you know that images can help improve memory? According to a HubSpot article, people remember 80% of what they see, while only 20% of what they read. That being said, personal branding photos are essential to any marketing strategy. Keep in mind what message you want to send clients.

Download “What To Do With Branding Photos: 15 Ideas” here.

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