Marketing For A Small Business (With Branding Photos)

When starting a business it can be challenging to find a digital marketing strategy that works for you. Consistency is key! This applies to how often you post, the type of content you share, and how your brand appears across digital platforms. Here’s where brand photos come into play. Marketing for a small business with branding photos allows your audience to connect with your brand and sets it apart. There are a few easy ways to start marketing for a small business using personal branding photos.

Marketing for a small business with social media

Social media marketing is a popular tool in digital marketing. According to Hootsuite, Facebook alone has 2.91 billion users each month. That’s a lot of people who could potentially see your posts. However, social media growth will not happen instantly, which means you will need things to post regularly on your feed.

Creating variety in your brand photos keeps your feed more interesting. For example, use lifestyle images to give clients a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of running your business. Next, show tools of the trade, headshots, and any products you sell to keep followers engaged.

SEO basics for a small business website

Search engine optimization also known as SEO can seem overwhelming. I recommend starting with the basics to increase your ranking on Google. Begin with these three things: correctly sizing images, naming files, and using alt text.

Correctly sizing images

When using brand photos on your website it’s important to check that they are web sized. The larger the image is on your website, the longer the load time, which isn’t good for web page rankings. Faster load times will help boost your website. The most common recommendation is between 1500-2000 pixels wide, but it will depend on where you use the image. For instance, a banner image would need to be larger than a headshot on an about page.

Check what your website platform recommends specifically. You can usually find this in the help section.

Naming image files

Instead of using a file name like “image-1” use a title that is relevant to what’s in the image and your website.

Using alt text for images on your website

Alt text gives context to what’s in an image. Using this space to naturally include keywords and describe an image will help users and SEO. Don’t try to fit as many keywords as you can into this space. It will have the opposite effect on Google.

Set up a Google Business Profile for your small business

Are you missing out on this free way to market your small business? Set up a Google Business profile to show local searchers more about your brand. Customers can leave reviews and you can share posts, photos, and current promotions. I highly recommend using brand photos in your profile for a more professional appearance. It’s easy to upload images and start using this tool for marketing a small business.

Email marketing for a small business

Small business owners, do you have an email list? Updated brand photos can be used to visually break up the text in emails sharing updates and promotions with subscribers. Imagine you open up an email with a large block of text to reach. The idea of reading it doesn’t seem all that thrilling, does it? Make emails more enticing for subscribers with imagery.

Need more ideas for marketing with branding photos?

Check out my free checklist here with 15 ways to use branding photos.

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