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One of my favorite parts of capturing grad photos is seeing how each senior personalizes their photoshoot. While props are necessary for graduation photos, they can add a fun twist to the standard senior portraits with a cap & gown. These college graduation photo ideas should spark some inspiration for your upcoming photoshoot! How will you customize your session?


Let’s start these ideas with a classic. Throwing confetti for grad photos is an exciting celebratory shot to have. There are two routes you can take. Use a confetti popper or throw loose confetti.

Here’s a pro tip. Choose lightweight confetti with larger pieces that float easily in the air. Also, don’t forget to bring something to clean up afterward! Confetti is messy.

Champagne pop graduation photos

The champagne pop is another go-to college graduation photo idea. This can be done with actual champagne or sparkling cider.

Grad photos for University of Montana senior by Missoula senior photographer Katherine Schot Photography

Diploma cover

If you have a diploma cover before your graduation date, this can also be used as a prop for graduation photos!

College graduation photo ideas incorporating your major

Is there something related to your major that you want to showcase? For instance, a nursing student might include a stethoscope.

University of Montana senior pictures on campus in Missoula, MT

College graduation photo ideas with balloons

Solid colored balloons or large numbers to showcase your grad year is yet another way for you to personalize college grad photos. Find balloons in your college’s school colors or some that coordinate with your outfits.

If you bring balloons, you will need a weight to hold them down when they aren’t being used or a friend to hold them.

Custom graduation cap

If you’re customizing your graduation cap, this is the perfect chance to showcase it.

University of Montana campus in the spring for senior pictures

College flag or pennant

Do you have a college flag or pennant to hold? These can be shown in photos to celebrate your accomplishment.

A bouquet

Fresh flowers add a beautiful pop of color to any photo shoot!

Planning a photoshoot with these college graduation photo ideas

Are you a University of Montana grad in need of college senior pictures? Katherine Schot Photography is a Missoula senior photographer focused on helping you feel and look your best on camera. You can learn more about planning senior pictures here.

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