Planning College Senior Photos for University of Montana Grads

Are you ready to pop the champagne and celebrate your accomplishment? Spring graduation is coming up soon! You’ve spent the last few years on campus with great friends. Now is the time to document this time in your life and your accomplishment! That’s why I’m sharing a few tips for planning college senior photos for University of Montana grads.

When to schedule college senior photos

An essential part of college senior photos is wearing your cap, gown, stole, and tassel. You won’t have these until the end of the school year (unless you borrow one from a past grad). There is a limited window of time to capture your senior photos before graduation. If this is something you’re interested in, I encourage you to reach out to a local Missoula senior photographer early before spots fill up. Typically college senior photos are in the month leading to graduation.

Where on the University of Montana campus do you want grad photos?

Where on campus would mean the most for you to get senior photos on campus? For example, your sorority house, the grizzly bear statue, the Oval, or a campus building. Maybe getting photos with friends on campus is all that matters. That’s great too!

Planning college senior photos with friends vs alone

Getting college senior photos is a great way to get photos to celebrate your graduation and get updated headshots. Getting photos individually allows you more time to visit different spots on campus and more outfit changes. However, getting your besties together for college senior photos is a fun memory to have! There’s no question why this is a popular choice for grads. College senior photos are what you make them. Before booking a photographer decide if you would rather have photos alone or with a group of friends.

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February 15, 2023

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