Why You Need Engagement Photos

The fact is that not all newly engaged couples are interested in getting engagement photos. If you fall into this group, I’m sharing why you need engagement photos. It’s not what you think. Beautiful pictures celebrating your engagement are perfect for sharing the news with friends and family. However, more importantly, these photoshoots allow you to get in front of the camera before your wedding.

The #1 reason you need engagement photos

The most common objection I hear when getting portraits is that people feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. When I meet with my clients for engagement photos, they get a feel for my posing and experience. The process is less intimidating when your wedding day arrives. My clients always tell me that portraits were easier than expected. I want the experience to be stress-free.

The more relaxed you feel when taking photos, the more confident you look in photos. That’s why this is the #1 reason for engagement photos.

You don’t need to know how to pose. Just leave that step up to me. I will walk you through flattering poses, tips for what to wear, and how to prepare. All you need to do is show up to your engagement session with your smiles.

What to do with engagement photos

Once you have engagement photos, you get to decide how to share and enjoy them. My recommendation is to print your favorites, whether that’s through prints, canvases, or albums. Those who work with me can print images directly from their galleries with high-quality products. Couples can also choose to print their wedding cards featuring engagement photos.

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November 14, 2023

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