How often should you update your headshots?

As a rule of thumb, I recommend updating your headshots yearly. The last thing you want is outdated headshots that lead to a disconnect with customers. Imagine how it looks when a client visits your website and reads a blurb on your about page with an image of you next to it. Then, walks into a meeting with you only to find that you look nothing like your image anymore. It’s confusing, right? It also doesn’t help with building trust with clients. It’s misleading.

Make sure that your headshots are still an accurate reflection of you and match your current appearance. This includes changes in hair color, weight, glasses, and age. Update headshots yearly. It will give you fresh images to use in your marketing too.

3 ways to use updated headshots

Once you get your new headshots, here are a few ways you can put them to use.

Have you used all of these ideas yet? If not, here’s your chance.

1. Profile picture on social media

Use headshots as your social media profile picture for your business page. Headshots will help your business appear more professional than that selfie you took on your phone. Selfies are more suited for personal pages. Plus, it helps clients easily recognize you and associate you with your brand.

2. Email signature

Add a personal touch to your emails with a headshot in your email signature. This simple change is a great way to get more use out of your headshots.

3. Website about page

Headshots can be used on your website about page to match a face to a name for clients and customers. While this is one of the most common uses of headshots for brands, not everyone does this. Don’t miss this opportunity to show the faces behind your brand!

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January 19, 2023

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